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WINThrills Network
06/04/2018, Tounbra - Warri - Nigeria
Thank God I didnt doubt!
Tounbra Beggie is my name and joined winthrills so late due to much doubt but i can testify now that its real.Winthrills is the reason I can now pay my house rent! Joi please using my link http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=cbeggie
06/04/2018, Adeniyi - Ikotun - Nigeria
Today 6th of April make it my 3rd years as an inestor in winthrills. Words alone can't express how happy i am, i make cool money while sleeping. My appreciation goes to my SPONSOR Babatunde Alimi for introducing me to Winthrills. God bless you and all Winthrill Investors
Adeniyi Ibrahim
Email : adeniyiibrahim2015(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 8072944915
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=adeniyi35
05/04/2018, Benjamin - Port Harcourt - Nigeria
Winthrills is credible
A miracle happened today.mandees is a miracle worker.my funds that was stolen by a hacker was transferred back to me today. I am a total and committed believer in winthrills.
Benjamin Anuna
Email : benhatrof(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 8034465274
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=anunaben
05/04/2018, Gideon - Minna - Nigeria
It's Been Fruitful Althrough The Years
I give Yahweh Praise for knowing this incredible platform that delivers, "A little beginning cannot be overlooked" I am a living witness. Join me let's make life worth living.
Gideon Ikoro
Email : saintalla33(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 08038510505
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=gideon
04/04/2018, Joshua - Ketu - Nigeria
The Real Deal
Winthrills is simply a Fininacial Liberty
Joshua Akhaine
Email : uwayemen74(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 8035777730
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=aimienwau
04/04/2018, Bernard - Warri - Nigeria
Re: Winthrills
This company has prove over time that they are reliable and worth investing with. Come join me for a secured tomorrow
Bernard Ojo Arome Okpanachi
Email : bernardokpanachi(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 7036852821
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=benwas
03/04/2018, Chikaodili Rosemary - Anambra - Nigeria
It's really good and wonderful.
Chikaodili Rosemary Ezeugo
Email : chikaezeugo1(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 7068980602
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=chikaeze18
01/04/2018, Muhammad - Bauchi - Nigeria
I understand
With winthrills, I understood why some people say "my money grows like grass" A platform stable and strong since 2010.
01/04/2018, Ayo - Lagos - Nigeria
Winthrills you are the best
Ayo Ojore Emina
Email : ayoenima080(a)gmail.com
Tel No. : 8067336425
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=ojore
01/04/2018, Okulaja - Ogun State - Nigeria
The surety and trustee
Okulaja Olasunkanmi
Email : sukkyy2010(a)yahoo.com
Tel No. : 7055501729
Website : http://www.winthrillsnetwork.com/?ref=olabishop

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21/09/2018 10:02
Hello {$member.name} We are aware of the current situation involving the Nigerian agent who has worked with us time past. We have also received series of complaints and messages from concerned members about more information on the ongoing situation back in Nigeria.    We the management are passing on this message to tell the facts about situation you need to know regarding our former director/agent.Michael Has always been a good and honest agent in all his works for the company. ... 
20/06/2018 07:37
We Are Very Sorry
Once again, Kindly accept our sincere apologies for the delay. As the Ceo, I understand and take the responsibility. Protection and safety of our users and their accounting records is our top priority. Like we announced previously, because our volume of business recently have sharply risen, the normal channels that we have been operating through in the past are currently slowing us down.  This is a frustrating for everyone and as a result has caused an overload of payout req... 
10/11/2014 19:13
We Have Rebranded The WINThrills Network
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