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Bonus Referral Program

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WINThrills Network Referral Program 

Terms and Conditions

Effective December 1, 2016


These terms and conditions apply to the Referral Program (the "Program") sponsored by WINThrills Network. By making or accepting a referral, initiating or completing registration using a referral access code on the WINThrills Network internet-based platform located at (the "Platform"), or otherwise participating in the Program, the referring participant (the "Referring Participant") and referred visitor (the "Referred Participant") agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, the WINThrills Network Terms of Service (the "ToS") and the WINThrills Network Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"), each as posted on the Platform and updated from time to time. As detailed in the ToS, we each agree to a mandatory arbitration provision that provides that any claim, controversy, or dispute of any kind between you and WINThrills Network must be resolved by final and binding arbitration.

Program Participation and Eligibility

Eligible Referrals: The Program is available only to VIP members who have invested in any project (plan B or C) who are recipients of the official directed e-mail or login message describing the Program. WINThrills Network reserves the right to modify, extend or cancel this Program at any time. The Program is only available online through the Platform. Internet access is required for participation in the Program.

Participation in the Program is prohibited where void by applicable law or regulation. The Program is only available through WINThrills Network and the Platform. You may only participate in the Program with one account. Referred Parties must complete the registration process on the Platform prior to termination of the Program in order for either the Referring Party or the Referred Party to qualify.

Ineligible Referrals: The Referral Rewards program is not available for associated persons of registered broker-dealers, promotional agencies. WINThrills Network reserves the right to void any promotional reward based on the following: (1) ineligibility of any Program participant, (2) fraudulent or inaccurate information or, (3) if WINThrills Network, in its sole discretion, finds that either the Referring Party or the Referred Party have violated any of the Program Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Referees: Each Referred Party must be a verified investor and successfully complete registration on the Platform during the active period of the Program. Successful completion of registration includes providing certain personal and verification information and being approved by representatives of WINThrills Network. In order for either the Referring Party or the Referred Party to be eligible to receive the promotional reward, the Referred Party must provide the Referring Party's referral code during the registration process. No promotional reward will be earned in respect of any Referring Party who does not for any reason satisfactorily complete the registration process on the Platform (including without limitation due to the discretion of the representative reviewing the Referred Party's information), or if either the Referring Party or the Referred Party fails to comply with any of the terms of the Program.

Promotional Reward. The referrer and the referred party will each receive a $150 gift (redeemable at upon successful completion of the investor registration process at by the referred party. Gift will be mailed within 3 business days to the email address on file. This promotion is limited to 10 referrals per referral code and is only valid from December 1 - December 15, 2016. Please see the equivalent of $150 to Naira in the funds page of the member area. Also note that the currency rate could change depending on the exchange rate of USD to NGN. Successful participants will receive the equivalent rate of $150 in NGN as at the time their referral bonus requirement is completed and approved.

Void Where Prohibited: This Program is void where prohibited by law.

By participating in this Program, you agree to release and hold harmless and its affiliates and subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, consultants, and agents, and any other entity associated with marketing this Program (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any and all claims or damages arising out of, or in connection with the Program. You further agree that the Program and promotional rewards are provided "as is where is". THERE ARE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STATUTORY WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, THIRD PARTIES RIGHTS, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. IN NO EVENT WILL EITHER PARTY BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING ANY LOST PROFITS OR LOST SAVINGS, EVEN IF ONE PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY THIRD PARTY.

Contact Us for more information.

Disclaimer: The content relating to the past and/or current performance of an investment is not necessarily a guide to its performance in the future. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up. Prices quoted may be based on a conversion rate when the document was created and may vary. This is not a regulated investment for the purpose of the U.K.FSMA (2000). Mandee Thrills Limited are not regulated by the FSA and are not investment advisers and accept no responsibility for any investment decision a client takes.
WINThrills Network does not make investment recommendations, and no communication through this website or in any other medium should be construed as such.  Investment opportunities posted on this website are “private placements” of securities that are not publicly traded, are subject to holding period requirements, and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment.  Private placement investments are NOT bank deposits (and thus NOT insured by any federal governmental agency), are NOT guaranteed by WINThrills Network or Mandee Thrills, and MAY lose value. Do NOT invest what you cannot afford to loose. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority has recommended or approved any investment or the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or materials provided by or through the website. 
Any financial projections or returns shown on the website are illustrative examples only, and there can be no assurance that any valuations provided are accurate or in agreement with market or industry valuations.  Any investment information contained herein has been secured from sources WINThrills Network believes are reliable, but we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of such information and accept no liability therefor. Investors should conduct their own due diligence, not rely on the financial assumptions or estimates displayed on this website, and are encouraged to consult with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant, and any other professional that can help you to understand and assess the risks associated with any investment opportunity.  
*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. 
Copyright ©
All content in this document, including without limitation, logos, text, images, graphics etc are protected by copyright and/or design right owned by 
Mandee Thrills Limited. No license is granted to copy, reproduce, use or otherwise deal in Mandee Thrills Limited content, including any copyright or design right work of WINThrills Network and Mandee Thrills Limited.

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Latest News

09/02/2017 10:15
Known Issues: Investor Center
We are aware that there is a bug/error in the Investor Center that has affected Return On Investments in crowdfunding. Our technical team is currently working to regularize all accounts affected. You can continue with activity in your account while the error is being fixed. 
07/02/2017 12:01
Scheduled maintenance on Thursday, February 9, from 10pm-6am
We will be performing some planned maintenance on the WINThrills Network Platform on Thursday, February 9, from 10pm-6am West Africa Time. During this time, all of WINThrills Network will be offline and display branded maintenance pages. staff/agent platforms will be down for maintenance as well. We strive to offer a consistently high uptime and need to perform some crucial database updates to ensure that reliability continues. We also strive to keep longer planned main... 
05/01/2017 10:17
Welcome To 2017
Welcome to 2017. Its another year and another set of a whole new change will come up but what you won’t have to change is the formula of hard work to get good results. Keep working hard and persevere to achieve your desired success. It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for all the trust and work on us. We are looking forward to a new year that brings new challenges and opportunities. Note: We have successfully completed giving the $150 gift ... 
15/12/2016 08:08
Verification Process Plugin Upgrade
We are testing a new verification plugin on the member platform. Please ignore the "unverified" status if you are already verified. All verified members will be confirmed as "verified" after the successful installation of the plugin. 
09/12/2016 08:20
December Bonus Extended
The December bonus is now extended to December 15, 2016.  Please be patient if you haven't received your gift within 3 work days as promised. This is due to the heavy requests on the platform during this Bonus period. Be assured that if all the terms and conditions in the referral program are met, you will receive the gift. 


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