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Why Invest In UK Property?

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Why Invest In UK Property?
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Impressive Track Record of an

Established Market

UK property prices have generally doubled every decade. This is due to the fact that it is one of the world's most densely populated countries and has the 3rd largest global real estate market:

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Global Real Estate Market ($billion)

Furthermore, the UK leads these key real estate markets for value per capita:

There is currently a critical undersupply of rooms nationwide, which leads to longer tenancy agreements and higher yields.

» View Our Current UK Property Investments

A Secure Investment Environment

The UK benefits from high levels of political and economic stability. It has clearly defined property ownership laws, a transparent legal system and a favourable property taxation structure. The UK's influence over the global economy also provides substantial market protection for both UK nationals and overseas investors.

Popular with Overseas Investors

Overseas investment swells the UK property market, making up to 80% of total investments in some years. It is not just residential property that's popular either, with the student and hotel sectors both providing great opportunities. A large proportion of UK property investment is heading to regional towns and cities, with investors seeking the higher yields that are available outside of London.

» View Our Current UK Property Investments

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